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Facebook to launch new “Fmail” email service

Developed under the code-name Project Titan, the introduction of “Fmail” looks likely to intensify Facebook’s war with Google.

Facebook’s email service could become a major email player, because it has more than 500 million active users. Not a bad starting point!

More information available here:…

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Leveraging Social Media to the Max! Do Something Awful, then Fix it!

The recent fun and games we’ve seen surrounding the Gap logo has brought some interesting Social Media concepts into the limelight. 
When Gap launched their new (awful) logo, it started a tidal wave of feedback (typically abuse) across the social networks. Within a week or two, the old logo was re-instated, and Gap were back where they started, right? Wrong!

It’s pretty clear that this was in fact a cleverly crafted publicity stunt to generate a huge amount of exposure for the Gap brand. It was also a surprisingly simple idea when you break it down. I’m sure we’ll see other sly social media campaigns in this vein in the months and years to come from large corporates.
I can see it now… in boardrooms across the globe…

“So how can we make use of this social media thingamajig then?”

“Um… we could try doing something really stupid, then fix it… which will make us look clever, I guess…”

“Genius! Let’s go for it…”

You’ll have to excuse my overactive imagination. Thanks for reading and see you again soon!

Over and out.

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